Hawick Lau: Who says Yang Mi earns more than me?

12 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Hawick Lau was born and raised in Hong Kong, and struggled with language and cultural barriers when he first moved to mainland China for his television career.

Fans were shocked when Hawick announced he was in a relationship with Yang Mi, who is not only from Beijing, but also twelve years younger, reports Sina via Jayne Stars

There is no friction,” Hawick said when he was asked if he had to change anything to adapt to his wife’s culture.

As for their age difference, Hawick said, “Not a problem. She usually calls me ‘Uncle Lau’ so I will call her ‘auntie’ in return.”

Having starred in a series of successful television dramas and films since 2012, Yang Mi consistently ranks as one of the highest-earning actress of mainland China.

Despite being married and expecting a child, Hawick said Yang Mi has no plans to retire from the industry to be a full-time mother.

“Impossible. She loves working too much.”

Asked if Yang Mi is earning more than him, Hawick immediately said, “Who says she earns more than me? I can confidently tell you that, no, I actually earn more than her. Don’t believe what the Internet says. We all know how much we earn in our hearts.”

What would be Hawick’s greatest worries for his child?

“When I look through Weibo or read through entertainment news, I’ve discovered that many people would measure other’s conditions by money and wealth. It is rather tragic. I’m not trying to preach my teachings or anything, but I do hope that [my child] will become someone who can develop with a healthy mind.” 

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