Harry of Da Mouth was shy and choking while filming bed scene for MV

1 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Da Mouth’s Harry showcases his bod in his latest solo MV, “臨時演員‘ (An Extra). Before the shoot, Harry did fifty push-ups as a last minute workout. The MV director wanted to film some “bed scenes‘ with Harry and the female model, but Harry was too embarrassed to strip his top off in front of the model ‘“ and in front of 20 staff members who were watching the scene closely, reported CPopAccess. Harry explained, “Because it’s the first time for me to film a bed scene, and I don’t know the female model‘¦I was afraid that others might feel that I was taking advantage of her.‘In the end, the director asked the female model to help him take off his top instead. After seeing Harry’s great bod, the director decided to add a shower scene.While being poured with water, Harry had to express his emotions by punching the wall and wiping off his tears of sadness. But in fact, he was shedding tears and choking during the scene because some water got into his nose.Staff members teased, “No wonder it looked so real.‘ Harry immediately said, “You guys are so cruel!‘

Da Mouth
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