Hard to tell what YoonA is advertising as she already looks so flawless

13 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Girls’ Generation‘s lovely deer YoonA was a radiant model for a advertisement for a contacts brand.

In the photos YoonA has flowing brown hair and a confident smile as she poses naturally for the photos in a simple white top, reports Soompi.

The advertisement was to show YoonA in a modern and feminine look to fit the brand’s image, and it looks like YoonA did more than a good job in fitting in that role. In a close up photo, YoonA’s bright eyes show how comfortable and clear the contacts are.

A staff member who was at the photo shoot commented, “YoonA was perfect in her face, body, and gaze. We were able to see that YoonA was truly like a goddess. Especially in this advertisement for contacts, YoonA had bright eyes and expression during the shoot.”

YoonA, kpop
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