Hannah Quinlivan was caught wearing this even though she's pregnant

16 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago
Source: Asian E-News Portal

Jay Chou's wife Hannah Quinlivan made her first public appearance at an event in Taipei after announcing her pregnancy. At the event, Hannah said Jay Chou was very caring. He would stir fry noodles and cook clam soup for her. No matter how late it is, as long as Hannah is hungry, he would take her out to eat. Hannah usually has morning sickness due to her pregnancy, and Jay would play music for the baby.

Became pregnant a month after her wedding in England 

The pregnant Hannah was seen wearing 5 inch heels. She said: "As long as I walk steady, everything will be fine". She also said she will be working until a month before she gives birth.

She said the baby has not been named yet.

"Because on the man's side (referring to Jay Chou), they want to keep it a secret. So I am very sorry to say. I found out 1 month later after the wedding was finished in England."

Baby's gender not an issue

Hannah said that she would usually listen to Jay Chou's songs nowdays. This will also help the baby be familiar with daddy's voice.

When she was asked about the baby's gender, she said: "The doctor might know, but I want to give myself a surprise and also give all of you a surprise".  

"I have no problem if its a boy or a girl. I am happy as long as the baby is born healthy. I can take it easy one by one."

See the heels and gorgeous dress she wore in the gallery below. 

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