Han Hye Jin once dumped Ki Sung Yueng -- with a text message

3 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Celebrity couple Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng seem blissfully married now, but this wasn't always the case.The pair appeared during their second anniversary on talk show “Healing Camp‘.According to a report on Soompi.com, Ki explained that prior to their marriage, he had felt a sense of burden and was conscious about what other people thought about his relationship. Han Hye Jin went into a bit more detail explaining how this occurred just as they were beginning to start their relationship in earnest. At the time, they had been worried about their age difference, jobs, and parents. Han Hye Jin also talked about how even at this early point, Ki Seung Yeong knew he wanted to marry her, but had a growing sense of fear every time he thought about it.In December last year, she bluntly asked him, “Are you apprehensive?‘ and his reply was “I’m apprehensive.‘ In that fleeting moment she describes as being “Drenched in cold water and being forced to face reality,‘ and began to wonder, “What was I doing to him?‘ The age difference, their parent’s views, and the opinion of others weighed her down, and she then left him a long message telling him that “I understand; on the contrary, I’m much more apologetic. I understand so don’t worry about me and let’s not contact each other any more.‘, One day however, Han Hye Jin had a dream about Sung Yueng in which she saw a saddened Ki Sung Yueng. Unbelievably she then got a message from him in the morning- a simple “Hye Jin‘¦,‘ and she told him how he showed up in her dreams. Amazingly, he also said that she appeared in his dreams as well. This led to their reconciliation and eventual marriage.

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