Guys, you might want to look closely at the next girl with celebrity looks

29 July 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Guys, take a look at these photos of ordinary girls who looked like celebrities with the help of some clever makeup skills.

Aside from the usual complaints about the evils of makeup, the mook now seems to be provoking curiosity from the next generation of otoko-no-ko, and more than a little admiration, reported SankakuComplex.

“We could put makeup on you lot and you’d probably look like this too…”
“Men would probably be cuter than this lot.”
“With the right makeup some guys are surprisingly cute…”
“I never thought of men that way but with the right makeup they do look pretty fine.”
“The facial differences tend to make it only work to a point though.”
“I’ve got this book – it is pretty amazing. You’d be amazed at the transformation you can pull off. Give it a try you lot.”
“Fake eyelashes really make all the difference. Any man with those and a small, round face can come out looking cute.”
“How do they manage to change the shape of their noses like that! Amazing…”
“Just get plastic surgery and be done with it.”
“Come on, you could always pull this off with it. It’s nothing new!”
“It should be classed as a type of fraud.”
“It’s the same as a man claiming he is a doctor or pilot or something.”
“Don’t they have to keep redoing it on hot summer days though?”
“One of those girls was hot even without makeup though, she doesn’t even need it.”
“I’ve never seen anyone change that much with makeup alone.”
“It’s also in how they take the pics, angle and so on forth.”
“They are using tape and all kinds of stuff to do this. It really looks unnatural.”
“Makeup is 3D Photoshop!”
“This is sheer talent. I’ve never seen anyone that skilled with it manage to pull off that level of change. Just people with lipstick on who look largely the same as without any makeup. They ought to be proud of themselves.”
“I still remember how I went on a company trip and saw all my female colleagues without their makeup on – I could barely recognise them!”

View other photos of celebs before and after their makeup transformations in the gallery below.

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