Guys, listen up: Kenneth Ma reveals his secret to tackling girls

10 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Kenneth Ma claims his secret to tackling girls lies in his new and improved skin condition.

According to an article in Jayne Stars, the actor has been an endorser for MSC, Men’s Skin Centre, for the past six years. The 40-year-old expressed that he is extremely grateful to MSC for improving his skin. Kenneth admitted that he never had good skin, but since becoming an endorser for MSC and having the opportunity to receive regular skin care treatment, his skin condition had improved tremendously.

“I regularly get a facial treatment once a week when I don’t have work. Whenever the company has a new product, they will call me over to test it. Recently, I tried a new machine and after using it, my skin got even better and tighter,” Kenneth revealed. He added that he is very satisfied with his new skin condition, joking that having better skin can definitely aid him in pursuing women.

“I look more refreshing, and that can attract a lady’s eye.”

Kenneth, however, is against using beauty injections. Since the right skin care equipment can show dramatic results, Kenneth does not believe in popular methods such as goat embryo element and botox.

Has Not Seen Jackie X

In August, Kenneth was spotted driving model Jackie X (徐佳琦), sparking rumors that they were in a relationship. Kenneth denied the dating claims, expressing that they are only good friends. Kenneth admitted that he has not seen Jackie since the rumour broke out. “It’s too much of a hassle to meet again.”

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