Guy tells girl she needs to lose weight -- and he gets this epic response

4 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

The Internet is really full of nasty trolls and haters.

Christina Topacio, however, does not let them bring her down.

Topacio is a frequent social media user who often uploads snapshots of herself onto her blog.

Yesterday, Topacio received a nasty message from someone saying he “would consider dating her,” but she needed to “f*cking lose weight.”

Her response? The best ever. 

Her message was retweeted by tons of people who were appalled by this man’s body-shaming remarks, and her tweet was even shared on the Instagram account Bye Felipe, which features harassing messages women receive from men after rejecting them online.

By sharing her story with others, Topacio hopes to start a movement and “cause the change we need to start seeing about how men abuse women in such a way.”

Read their conversation and her response in the gallery below.

Source: Elite Daily

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