Guess why Angelababy's assistant had to carry her home after filming

8 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Angelababy reveals that during the shooting of A Sentimental Story, she had legs covered in bruises due to the numerous car chases and gunfights, joking that every time after work her assistant had to carry her back.

According to a report in HKTopTen, the film had many emotional scenes which posed an enormous challenge for her.

Since she took this film three years ago she feels that she has improved tremendously, and that at the time she was starting out in the film industry as a newcomer and had "nothing to lose".

Director Gao Qunshu also praised her.

"The most exciting part in the film is growth.

A Sentimental Story is due to be released in China soon. In the film she plays a female cop for the first time.

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