Guess who took advantage of Hidy Yu during filming

14 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Switching to an action actress, pseudo model Hidy Yu Hiu Tung earlier went to Malaysia to make the film HUNG MO DOH SI (RED HAIRED PRIEST) and had a few exchanges with Bak Leung Gum who has had some training.

In a forest fight scene, they had to use real swords. Hidy was accidentally chopped and bloodied. She said, "The crew said that the sword was sealed with tape, at first during rehearsal I blocked with my arm and suddenly felt a little pain. I looked and my arm was bleeding. I thought I wouldn't trouble others and tough it out. Later I couldn't take it anymore and told the production team."

In the film, Hidy had to seduce an enemy into getting close. She even performed a dream hugging and kissing scene. During the scene, a lizard fell on Hidy's chest. She said, "In the film my co-star removed the lizard for me and took advantage. During the shoot actual contact was made. (Was he really taking advantage?) No, I think he was a little afraid of me because in the film I would hit him."

According to tvbnewsworld, Hidy praised Bak Leung Gum for his passion and comedy. She also said that he had an eight pack abdominal muscles. Bak Leung Gum even told Hidy to hit his abdominal muscles.

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