Guess who showed up to Grace Chan’s birthday celebrations?

25 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Ever since collaborating on the set of the vampire drama, 45-year-old Kevin and 24-year-old Grace have been spotted together on numerous occasions. 

They confessed to the press that they have good feelings toward each other, but refused to elaborate if they were dating for sure.

In a recent television program, Kevin described his status with Grace as “work-in-progress”, Jayne Stars

He did not introduce Grace as his girlfriend, but he did admit that they have been seeing each other, and asked the press to give them more space for development.

On June 23, Kevin and Grace’s Blue Veins costar Anjaylia Chan uploaded a photo taken at Grace’s birthday party on her Weibo, congratulating Grace on her 24th birthday.

On the picture, Grace is posing with six of her friends including Kevin, who was standing right next to her like a boyfriend.

Also in the picture is Anjaylia’s boyfriend Epaphras and Blue Veins costar Winki Lai. Is it possible that Kevin and Grace are confirming their relationship with the help of Anjaylia?

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