Guess who Myolie Wu spent her Valentine's Day with

15 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Myolie Wu's love life has come under bigger scrutiny following news that her ex-flame, Bosco Wong, has a new sweetheart in his life -- Vanessa Yeung.

In contrast to the lovely Valentine's Day that Wong spent together with Yeung, Myolie Wu was surprisingly alone on the day where couples celebrate their love, reported Oriental Daily via Asian E-News Portal.

Despite reports of numerous suitors after her heart, one of whom was apparently seen on a secret date with her last month, it seems she has not found the right match yet, and was made to endure a lonely Valentine's Day judging by a post on her Weibo account.

Accompanying a picture of her wrapped up in winter wear was a message which read: "Sooooo cold, very cold!"

While she may not have the love of a boyfriend to seek comfort in, she should be glad to know that her fans will always be there for her.

Some of them posted a response to the picture, commenting that they hope she finds her Prince Charming soon.

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