Guess who: K-pop idol barely looks recognisable at airport

27 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Can you guess who this K-POP star is in her super cute chunky sandals?

Her side profile should make it really obvious.

Fans of her group will know right away who it is and maybe even some of you fans of her recent drama will know as well, teased

They also gave some tips:

  1. "She’s actually the leader of the K-POP group she’s in.
  2. One of her group members was actually in City Hunter!
  3. She recently starred in a drama where she had the look of a puppet boy.
  4. I absolutely love nail art don’t you?
  5. Tell her your name so she can stop calling you “Mister.”

She is actually Gyuri from the girl band KARA. Did you get it right?

View more photos of KARA in the gallery below.

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