Guess who JJ Lin's rumoured to be dating after failing to win over Hebe Tien

26 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

While fans are still rooting for JJ Lin and Hebe Tien to be an item, there are rumours that JJ is dating Taiwanese actress, Jean Kao.

Ettoday via Asianpopnews reports that JJ professed his love for S.H.E's Hebe at his concert last year, but their relationship never progressed .

Taiwanese tabloids reported that the Singaporean singer-songwriter is now dating 35-year-old Jean Kao, after meeting her at the opening ceremony of his fashion store.

Jean also reportedly attended JJ’s Timeline world concert in China and appeared at his post-concert celebration. Photos of the couple seated next to each other at a party have also been circulated online.

Jean has also been spotted wearing accessories from JJ’s fashion label and posted a selfie of herself at JJ’s store. There were also speculations that Jean was in love after she posted these statements on her micro-blog:

“I feel comforted listening to your voice. The hardest thing is not to let go, but learning to begin!”

Jean’s agency has admitted that she did attend JJ’s concert in Hangzhou and celebration party, but stressed that the duo were only “good friends that get along well”.

Meanwhile, JJ was also photographed with a “sexy girl with shapely legs” at a gathering with Da Mouth’s Harry Chang. The girl reportedly took a separate taxi to JJ’s house afterwards to avoid suspicion.

JJ’s manager declined to respond on his outing with the ”sexy girl with shapely legs”, but said that he and Jean are just “good friends.”

JJ Lin
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