Guess who Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe frequently gets mistaken for, even by fans

11 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Tons of celebrities have look-a-likes and some of their almost doppelgangers are well-known celebrities, too. Take Daniel Radcliffe for example.

The 25 year old Brit became one of the richest teenagers in history thanks to portraying the notorious wizard Harry Potter on the big screen.

But he often gets mistaken for another actor who also became famous for portraying an iconic literary character – Elijah Wood.

In fact, so many people find incredible similarities between the two actors that even Wood’s fans can’t tell him apart from Radcliffe.

The British actor revealed that he was once given a picture of Wood by a fan and asked to sign it, reports Things You Didn't Know.

He was apparently very irritated by the case of mistaken identity, because he signed the autograph with the following phrase: “I am not Elijah Wood”.

And then he added: “Love, Daniel Radcliffe”.

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