Guess who Bosco Wong chose between his mum and Vanessa Yeung

28 February 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Hong Kong tabloids claimed that Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung have split up after dating for only 21 days.

Since the couple opened up on their relationship, Bosco’s fans find it hard to accept him dating an older woman, reports HK Channel via Asian Pop News.

Vanessa has also been hit by a series of scandalous reports that said she was a third party that ruined other’s marriage and a gold digger who was after Bosco’s wealth. She was even rumoured to have a ten-year-old daughter. Fellow models have also given unfavourable remarks about Vanessa.

Recently, Vanessa applied leave suddenly from her hosting job in the radio station. She has also returned Bosco’s antique car, leading speculations that the couple has parted ways.

An insider revealed that the cause of their split up was due to disapproval by Bosco’s mother because Vanessa did not intend to have children in future.

“Bosco is the only son in the family and his mum hopes to have a grandchild soon. Although Bosco’s mum did not quite like Vanessa, but she eventually gave in. However, when it comes to having children, she refused to compromise,” said the insider.

As Bosco could not reach a consensus with Vanessa on having children, he thought it was better to end the relationship earlier.

“Bosco thought of giving her the antique car after the breakup. However, his friends advised him to collect it back, for fear that someone may use it as a publicity. Hence, Bosco eventually retrieve the car back,” said the insider.

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