Guess which SHE member is the 'pervert', the 'nutty' and the 'normal'

13 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Three days ago, Taiwanese group, S.H.E, completed their mini concert in Taipei.

Member, Selina Ren, apparently lost her control and kept shouting on the stage and Ella Chen said: "She is nuts while I am a pervert. Hebe is a normal person among us."

During the celebration dinner, Ella talked continuously and asked the crew team to film her, reported Asian E-News Portal.

She disclosed the pimple on her back was there due to her husband did not take care for her, and said: "We have been busy with work lately and there is no mood after a tired day. Plus, a sportman must not have any random movements as it will make their knees go soft."

As for Hebe Tian who is currently single and when asked if she will be together with Power Station, Yu Chiu Sing, she praised his song was touching and was made fun by the host during the celebration dinner.

Selina defended her and said: "Ladies is embarassed to take the initative and let's leave it to fate. Ella then added: "Both like photography and can exchange their knowledge."

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