Guess what Lizzy's most bizarre talent is

20 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

After School's Lizzy revealed that she had a special talent - pinpointing the exact location of nipples under your clothes.On the 19th's episode of MBC's 'Radio Star', MC Kim Gu Ra asked Lizzy, "Lately, Suzy is considered the top idol these days. Is there something you can do better than Suzy?".According to a report in AllKPop, Lizzy answered confidently, "I'm good at finding the bust point or the nipple. I can poke it accurately at once."Lizzy then demonstrated on guest Kim Jin Soo, and then also on Kim Gu Ra. Kim Gu Ra then pointed out, "You say you're better than Suzy at this, but I don't think Suzy even tries this kind of thing", cracking up the entire set. As bizarre as her talent is, apparently she really is good at it! Kim Gura said, "It wasn't perfect, but if I were to compare it to archery, it'll be that border between the 9 and 10 mark on the target." Kim Jin Soo added, "For me, she got it right where the camera would be [the very center of the target]", which left the MCs shaking their heads as they wondered if they had really just compared poking nipples to archery.

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