Guess what K-pop star Rain did immediately after military discharge?

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

After serving 21 months of military service, Korean singer-actor Rain was officially discharged from the nation's military on Wednesday (Jul 10).However, if you thought the first thing he would do to celebrate his discharge was to party or to have fun, think again.According to a Soompi report, upon leaving the Ministry of National Defense Public Relations Department office in Yongsan, Seoul on Wednesday morning, Rain got on a van catered by his management agency and headed straight to his mother's grave.But, he did not ignore the mass of about 100 members of the press and 700 fans there, some of whom have waited there since the day before, and addressed the group briefly.He thanked the public for coming and added: “I will work hard and do my best.‘A source from his agency stated that Rain will be spending time with his family for the next few days first.

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