Guess how much Rebecca Lim has raised from her Ice Bucket Challenge

26 August 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

The New Paper,
Saturday, Aug 23, 2014

Local actress Rebecca Lim, 27, posted on her Facebook fanpage on Monday that she would give 10 cents per "like" on her Facebook post from the time she posted it till she executed the dare.

By the time she posted the clip of herself getting dunked on her Instagram account on Tuesday, she had raised $1,310, which she is giving to the Singapore Cancer Society.

She told The New Paper yesterday: "The SCS is a society I feel strongly for as I have relatives who have cancer. The society provides financial help to those who can't afford treatment and I think what they are doing is great."

On how she felt during the challenge, she said that she is "generally a person who is very afraid of the cold". "Sometimes, I'll even walk around at home with a jacket. But I believed in raising awareness for the cause and felt that it was good."

She described the moment of the ice water being poured on her as "being in the winter, without a jacket, and being blown by a sudden gush of cold wind". She said she could not breathe for a few seconds when the ice water was being poured on her.

The challenge, done at home, was filmed by her father while her mother dumped the ice water on her.

Lim said: "I initially wanted to maintain a certain image but it did not turn out as expected. My mother was very supportive. She cracked the ice cubes and kept adding more, saying that if I wanted to do it, I should go all the way."

Her mother had even washed three pails the night before and asked her in the morning which one she wanted.

Lim said: "The challenge has a great objective. It has been successful in getting people talking."

Rebecca tagged actor Ian Fang, actor-host Utt and actress-host Priscelia Chan. Blogger Bagaholicboy, Alvin Cher, also offered to match Lim's donation to the SCS.

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