Gregory Wong says Anita Chui has beautiful curves and Coffee Lam can do yoga

18 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

After Coffee Lam‘s public restroom scandal, she was fired by TVB but received continuous job offers.

Coffee landed a role in movie One Prison, One World, which also features other newcomers Anita Chui, Gregory Wong, and Ashina Kwok.

The movie is directed by Christopher Sun, whose most notable work is 2011’s 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.

Coffee disclosed that she will be playing Gregory’s mistress in the movie and will have many heated scenes, including scenes where she tempts him in prison and also inside a restroom.

When asked if the scene was purposely written due to scandal earlier this year, Coffee responded, “It would be a sad thing if I let past actions affect myself.

"People have their own mouths, and I can’t control what they think. It’s important that I maintain a clear moral conscience!”

Although Coffee will have many intimate scenes with her male co-star, she said her outfits are not extremely revealing, but rather challenges her boldness mentally.

Evidently pleased with the film’s compensation, Coffee thanked TVB for developing her early artiste career. “I really want to thank TVB. I feel like I’m leaving home and venturing out like I’m 18 years old again!”

Gregory complimented his sexy co-stars, Coffee and Ashina. Gregory said, “Everyone has their strengths. Coffee can do yoga, Anita has beautiful curves, and Ashina is very youthful.”

Gaining over 50 pounds for his role and appearing at the ceremony sporting a new round belly, Justin Cheung could not help but to laugh at Gregory’s comment.

Justin teased, “Wow, that’s good! You answered that well; you have must given this a lot of thought beforehand!”

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