The Grandmaster: Most anticipated Asian movie?

18 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

By Elrica Tanu, RazorTVAsian superstar Tony Leung giving Donnie Yen a run for his money as Wing Chun master Ip Man; Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai channeling his arthouse sensibilities into his first gongfu epic.It is no wonder The Grandmaster is the most anticipated Asian movie this year, according to movie critics interviewed by RazorTV. “Wong and Leung have done many memorable movies together, from Chungking Express to In The Mood For Love. I'm very curious to see what the two of them will do with an arthouse gongfu movie,‘ said The Straits Times’ media correspondent Boon Chan.Entertainment journalist Tan Kee Yun from the The New Paper agreed: “The movie will be unlike the previous Ip Man installments so far. It will be totally different, something more like Ashes of Time. You should go into the cinema prepared for something mind-blowing.‘ High praise indeed. After more than a decade in the making and a release date that was delayed several times, the movie finally made its premiere in Beijing on Jan 8. However, the rest of us will have to wait a little longer before the film opens internationally. The film marks the fourth big screen adaptation of the life of legendary martial artist Ip Man, who went on to train gongful legend Bruce Lee. Ip Man 1 and 2 were directed by Wilson Yip and starred gongfu star Donnie Yen.In Wong’s film, Beijing-born starlet Zhang Ziyi and Korean actress Song Hye Gyo join Leung in the star-studded cast.Check out other movies on RazorTV’s list of top 10 Asian movies to look our for this year, which include Stephen Chow’s Journey To The West, Jay Chou’s second directorial effort The Rooftop and our very own Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men: Part 2.

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