Grace Wong waited 6 years to reconcile with ex-BF

1 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

After Grace Wong went through three relationships in her love life, she had been single for 6 years. Her Mr. Right finally appeared, and Grace Wong announces she's dating again.When the public guessed who her current boyfriend might be, it turns out he is still he, he is her ex-boyfriend!Grace said, "Before, when I was still living in the US, I worked as a waitress and at the time, I met my third boyfriend at the restaurant. I still remember he initially wanted to just cut through the restaurant to the parking garage, but he was stopped by me, I asked him: "Do you want to eat here?""Once he heard that, he was immediately stunned and nodded. A cigarette was still hanging on the corner of his mouth. Then I told my waitress friend, "That man is handsome." Unexpectedly, my friend said to me: "He's my friend!" I was so embarrassed and blushed on the spot, then I quickly ran into the restroom."Grace continued: "However, later, I came back to HK for my career development, and plus I thought our personalities, one is out-going and one is quiet, I thought it would be better if we just stay as friends and then we broke up."But, I think I got a really good gift from God last year. Actually, he is a very hard working, ambitious and an honest guy who has never lied before! I'm very happy that we can still mutally support our careers. Sometimes he would accompany me to the coffee shop to study the scripts, that's very attentive. Although he'll have to go back to the US soon, we will continue to maintain a long-distance [relationship], but we're always chatting, showing care for one another and get to know each other more!"

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