Grace Wong suffered from depression and bulimia

22 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsFormer Miss Hong Kong first runner-up, Grace Wong (王君馨) had no regrets in the revelation, and proudly expressed her strong faith in Christ.Grace came to media prominence after winning the second season of dance competition, Strictly Come Dancing in 2008. However, Grace’s career reached a bottleneck in 2009 after she was harshly criticized for her exaggerated performance and shrill voice on the fifth season of TVB’s food program, Gourmet Secret Agent . Grace was reportedly benched by TVB after she completed her hosting obligations on Gourmet Secret Agent.At the same time, Grace’s relationship with her father worsened. Suffering from poor work and family relationships, Grace spiraled into depression. Grace also began to develop symptoms of bulimia ‘“ repeatedly eating large amounts of food, knowing only when to stop when she began to feel stomach pains. She quickly went from 112 pounds to 130 pounds.An insider revealed, “After competing in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant, the media often referred to her as the ‘˜Pork Chop Miss Hong Kong.’ It was a lot of pressure for her. In order to keep fit, she had once tried eating nothing except drinking two glasses of milk a day. After Gourmet Secret Agent came out, she became depressed and bulimic. It was very scary! After filming another food program with Sarah Song (宋熙年), there were rumors saying that she and Sarah did not get along. It worsened her depression and bulimia, but after becoming a Christian, she got better.‘Grace confirmed to the press on Saturday that she had once suffered from depression and bulimia for three months. “Every night, I would sit in front of my television screen and just eat. As long as it was edible, it would be in my mouth. When I get sad, I eat‘¦ but the eating was not enjoyable. I didn’t dare to tell anyone about my sickness. My family didn’t even know!‘Grace thanked MC Jin (歐陽靖) and Zac Kao (高皓正) for bringing her back to health. “My depression and bulimia were not improving, so one day, Zac Kao called me and told me to visit a Bible study class. I said yes, and it was then when I met MC Jin. He shared many of the consequences he had to face after making imprudent choices in his life. It was then when I realized that religion can really change someone’s heart. Afterwards, Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫) and Leanne Li (李亞男) often spent time praying and exercising with me. I stopped having pessimistic thoughts, and my conditions improved after visiting a doctor. I still tend to binge eat when I am depressed, but I will pray to God every time, and it helps me chase away the negative feelings.‘Source: Next Magazine #1193 via

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