Grace Wong almost slept on streets after giving away money

23 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Possessing a loyal personality and a good sense of justice, Grace Wong (王君馨) has numerous friends within the entertainment industry. Her policewoman character in currently broadcast TVB drama, Sergeant Tabloid , is similar to her true self.“I was an active person when I was still in school,‘ Grace recalled. “I even tried to familiarize myself with the girls in class whom no one cared about. I chose to wish those who don’t have many people to care for them well. When it was Valentine’s Day, I made cards for everyone in the class. When a girl who no one cared about received my card, she instantly cried and thanked me.‘When friends are in need of help, Grace is always there for them. She revealed that from once helping out a friend, she gave away a 6-figure sum and had no money left to pay rent. Grace faced the danger of having to sleep out on the streets.“I wanted to cry at the time, because I had no money to pay my rent. I didn’t understand why God wanted me to undergo so much hardship! When I was feeling down, my godmother let me temporarily live in her house for six months. I’ve never lived in such a beautiful place. There were even servants taking care of me. That was truly God’s kindness.‘It was that experience which allowed Grace to undergo a change in perspective. She expressed, “In the past, I didn’t really understand the value of money. For instance, I would spend $1,000 HKD to eat at a restaurant, or $300 HKD at high tea. But during that period of time, I walked past a fast food restaurant thinking that a $20 HKD meal was already expensive. Buying bread for $3.50 HKD was already very fulfilling.‘

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