Grace Chan's big reaction when asked about relationship with 45-year-old Kevin Cheng

9 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

It was rumoured that 45-year-old Kevin Cheng and 23-year-old ex Ms Hong Kong, Grace Chan, developed a 'father and daughter' romance during the filming of new series, 'Blue Vein'.

In April 2015, the cast members went for a shoot in Holland and it was a rare opportunity for them to interact without any chasing from the media.

According to a crew staff, Grace paid additional money to stay in a hotel room alone in order to meet Kevin secretly. Everyday after filming ended, both will disappear together and only return to the hotel after midnight.

However when the media interviewed her, Grace denied flatly by saying that they were only friends.

When asked about the topic of virginity, Grace had a big reaction when replying: "I feel very uncomfortable about your question."

Although the age gap between Kevin and Grace was 22 years, but Grace emphasised:

"Age is not a problem in relationship and communication is the most important."

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Grace Chan
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