Grace Chan spends the night at Kevin Cheng's place

27 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

On June 23, actor Kevin Cheng showed up at Grace Chan’s 24th birthday party, seeming to tacitly confirm the rumors that he is dating the former Miss Hong Kong.

Since then, reports have surfaced that Kevin actually made an additional trip to visit her in France and that the two of them spent Father’s Day together instead of celebrating with family.

Prior to her birthday, Grace was scheduled to be in France in order to film a car racing program for TVB. Despite having a busy schedule of his own, Kevin made a special trip to France to spend time with her.

Reports indicate that they were together for five days and four nights. 

The two returned to Hong Kong on Father’s Day, but rather than return home to celebrate the holiday with her father, Grace instead went directly to Kevin’s house, where she stayed overnight.

Because she is a devout Christian, Grace is adamant about not engaging in pre-marital sex and previously responded with a firm “yes” when asked if she was still a virgin.

However, some suspect that she may have broken her vow of purity since, reporst Jayne Stars

When asked about the recent rumors, Grace was unwilling to share much about her and Kevin’s private lives, insisting that they needed space.

“You don’t have to reveal everything to everyone,” she said. “Kevin and I need our privacy too.” Grace was also asked if she and Kevin had shared a room when overseas, but she would only state that her trip to France was for business matters.

She added that she had never tricked her father about her whereabouts on Father’s Day; he knew exactly where she was, and his opinion of Kevin was not affected in any way.

Kevin, who is currently preparing to film Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi <太極宗師之太極門> in Hengdian, was similarly tight-lipped when confronted with the news.

“I will not respond to any publications that aim to harm other people for their own benefit,” he said.

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