This gorgeous girl is D-Unit's latest member

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

D-Unit has finally revealed their 'extremely beautiful' new member -- what do you think?D-Unit’s agency previously announced their plans to bring in a new member who 'possesses extreme beauty'. The member chosen is said to have been recommended by Block B‘˜s Zico, who is producing their upcoming album.This isn’t the first time in the spotlight for JNEY, as she was previously known as Janey from the girl group GP Basic.“D-Unit’s new member is a former model and child actress. She possesses beautiful visuals and will be 16 years old this year [Korean age], making her the youngest idol star of the current music scene,‘ her agency said, touting her beauty.As for their album, D-Unit will be returning with their 2nd studio album which will be split up into two chapters. Chapter 1 will feature 7 tracks and will be released on March 4th while Chapter 2 will include six tracks and be revealed soon after.Despite being in the midst of controversy with his label, Zico willingly took the time to help D-Unit by producing both title tracks of each chapter of the album.

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