Gorgeous celebs who have been 'lying' about their sexy curves

25 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Photoshop is used so widely these days, that when we see celebrities in real life, we are shocked by how different they look.

Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki is usually seen as slim and svelte in her magazine and album covers, but when fans see her at one of her concerts, she appeared to be chubbier around the waist and on her arms.

48-year-old Carina Lau has always been hailed as a screen goddess in her younger days and known for her killer body.

According to Sina News, it is hard for Carina to maintain that slim and amazing physique without some "nip" and "tuck" from the help of Photoshop.

See the difference between stars who have been Photoshopped and their real life photos.

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