Gordon Ramsay gets scolded by Malaysian auntie during rendang lesson

5 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay gets scolded by Malaysian auntie during a lesson in cooking rendang.He also learns how to 'agak-agak' or estimate, while taking orders from the woman.The woman also tells him to "Don't be shy, Gordon, just pour the damn thing in," when told to pour in oil into the pan.She also shows him her "bush" in her garden, and "shoves him around" the kitchen with her snappy instructions.Gordon admits he is not used to being treated in this manner -- bossed about in the kitchen.He also compares European style cooking to 'agak-agak' style Malaysian cooking.Related:Meet the top 3 S'pore hawkers who will face Gordon Ramsey this SundayS'pore hawkers taking on celeb chef Gordon Ramsey don't know who he isGame on! Gordon Ramsay boasts he'll defeat S'porean hawkers in cookoutWill celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay contest against three popular S'pore hawkers?

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