Gordon Liu's veins pop when his lawsuit is mentioned

11 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Fan Yik Man has said that martial arts film star Gordon Lau's veins pop out and his hands go shaky whenever the subject of his lawsuit is mentioned.

Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) is suing his former assistant in pursuit of th 1.38 million RMB and HK$ 140,000 saving account that were in her care.

Yesterday both sides agreed to release over 250,000 RMB to Lau and stated that they would attempt mediation.

However Lau Ka Fai's guardian Fan Yik Man said that the case might drag on longer than half a year and she might have to raise medical funding for Lau Ka Fai.

Plaintiff Eva Fung has already turned over the alleged sum to the court according to the court order.

Lau Ka Fai's legal representative said that neither party argued against the 370,000 yuan RMB belonged to Lau Ka Fai. Earlier HK$150,000 were released and he requested for the remaining 252,000 yuan RMB to be released. The judge approved. The lawyer continued that both parties have filed for mediation attempt, but the process required time.

He requested the court to reserve two days for trial in the future half a year. Fung agreed to release the sum and to mediation, but stated that 670,000 yuan RMB of the amount in question were Fung's saving and commission. She also gave Lau Ka Fai HK$446,000 in advance and stated that she would file a counter suit in pursuit.

Fan Yik Man said that the HK$150,000 released last night were spent on Lau Ka Fai's hospitalization and treatments. Most were spent. If the case had to be dragged on for half a year, the released amount might be spent.

She tried to come up with ideas to reduce treatment cost. She might have to raise money to cover the medical cost. Fan Yik Man said that Lau Ka Fai's health has improved, but whenever the lawsuit was mentioned he would be upset. She said, "His veins are popping, his hands are shaky like he wants to say a lot."

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