Gordon Liu safe but refuses to see son

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Veteran martial arts actor Gordon Liu (劉家輝) was reported missing yesterday but in an update, he is safe and sound. However he refuses to see his son Kris.Oriental Daily reported his 21-year-old son, Kris, panicked after losing contact with him since February and called the Hong Kong police yesterday to report that Gordon was missing. Due to the strained father-and-son relationship, Gordon did not wish to speak directly with Kris and asked the authorities to relay the message to him.A stroke in August 2011 left Gordon wheelchair-bound and in financial disputes with his wife and two children from his second marriage. Gordon felt that his family did not care about his well being and was only interested in his money, pressuring him to transfer his financial assets to his two children.Gordon had sizable savings of several million RMB which he had entrusted to his personal assistant of five years, Eva, since his stroke. Since December, Eva has not been able to contact Gordon and still has access to his money, which she hoped to return to him.Despite his strained family relations and Gordon’s refusal to see his two children at his nursing home last year, Gordon continued to pay monthly living expenses of $5,000 HKD to support them as of last month.Perhaps Gordon decided to “disappear‘ because he wished to escape from his family. Kris maintained that his father has been influenced by an unnamed individual in refusing to see the family.On March 7, Kris confirmed to the press that he has heard from the Hong Kong Police Department that Gordon is safe. Kris said, “My worries are lessened after learning that my father is safe. The police said that he didn’t wish to see anyone. I don’t know what happened. This makes me want to see him more and listen with my own ears what is the misunderstanding, so I can explain to him. Otherwise, I feel deeply saddened and helpless!‘

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