Good life in New Zealand for martial arts star Juju Chan: Here's how much weight she gained

26 October 2014 / 2 years 1 day ago

Few days ago, sexy martial arts fighter, Juju Chan (陳鈺芸), went to film Hollywood action movie in New Zealand, and disclosed her new book had to increase the prints thrice.

She said: "My book, Ordering Food, is very popular beginning of the year and recently, the publisher tells me to release the third book.

"The book is selling like hot cakes in 60 bookshops in Taipei and becomes one of the bestsellers there."

Juju expressed she took the opportunity to taste many food for the sake of new book and said:

"The book publisher tells me to proceed to try new food and I can use this excuse to satisfy my craving in New Zealand."

JuJu added that she loved to taste wine during her free time and felt bloated, and said:

"The crew team and colleague and myself will try wine in New Zealand whenever we have the time. It also have night market and there is wine, cheese, meat and seafood which are very fresh. I try Western and Asian food there too.

"Although I practise martial arts and exercise, but have gained 8 pounds now."

Juju Chan
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