Good grief! What are Nick Cheung and Eddie Pang doing?

17 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Pucker up! Nick Cheung and Eddie Pang hammed it up for audiences at this press conference.

According to a report on Mingpao the film Unbeatable starring Nick Cheung and Eddie Pang has performed excellently in the box office. 

The film had been showing for the past 32 days and already accumulated HK$41 million.

Last night, director Dante Lam, Nick, Eddie and the rest of the cast appeared at the film's second celebration.

Eddie expressed on stage with his not-so-good Cantonese: "I'm so happy!" Due to his incorrect Cantonese pronunciation, the comment sounded like profanity.

When speaking of a sequel, Michelle Lo recommended herself to be part of it, Dante joked he'll add a scene with Nick helping her "unlock", which could take in another HK$3 million in the box office. Nick laughed: "All of that happens on the bed."

After the toast, Nick and Eddie reenacted a kiss scene, the two men borrowed camera angles to do it, but it was still a hilarious moment.

Nick expressed he's very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in his first boxing film and got such good results. "I've been filming for 20+ years, and its the first time I made such record. Eddie Pang should be even happier, he's only been in a few films." Nick disclosed the chances of a sequel is high, but the story may not be about boxing again. Eddie Pang expressed he feels very honored and it feels like a dream.

He's pleased to gain acceptance from the Hong Kong audience and hopes to have more opportunities to be in HK films.

Joey Yung is holding a concert soon, she mentioned she hoped to train herself and get a muscular body like Nick's. He said: "She doesn't need to. Her poster is already very hot to that stage, comparable to my previous poster. She got the red lips and not much clothes on.

Good to keep the beautiful girl look, don't mess with other things. If she gets muscles, the audience will return the tickets." Bobby Au-Yeung disclosed he only got Nick's approval to let his wife Esther Kwan make a comeback in a TVB series because Bobby swore he wouldn't kiss Esther.

Nick expressed: "He didn't make that promise recently. I also hope she doesn't do kiss scenes, but I can do more. In the past year, I've been doing more action films, not many romantic ones. My wife should do Armed Reaction, just do some gun shooting and leave it at that."

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