Golden Broom Awards honour the worst in Chinese entertainment

13 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

After a month of online voting and another round of judging by professionals, the final list of winners of the 4th Golden Broom Awards was released, with both old and new faces.According to a report in Asian Bite, Xiaoshenyang, disciple of famous short sketch performer Zhao Benshan, won a Broom for most disappointing actor for the second time, while actress Yang Mi became the new 'queen.'Besides starring the most disappointing actor, 'The Lion Roars 2' movie also features the most disappointing director and is the most disappointing film.For three years, the Golden Broom Awards were in a questionable situation. While the number of online voting participants rose, there were still insiders with doubts, and no winner showed up for the awards. After winning three Brooms in 2011, famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang joked that he was going to "take all the Golden Broom awards for the next 10 years."Even before this year's ceremony, Cheng Qingsong, chief editor of Youth Film Handbook and major founder of the Golden Brooms, wrote on his Sina Weibo that if still no one came to receive the awards this year, he may consider giving it up the next year. But the result turned out quite encouraging to him. Joe Ma, the most disappointing director winner asked a colleague to attend for him, while Li Mingyang, producer of the most disappointing small- and mid- budget film, Cray Foolish Thievs ("Crazy Foolish Thieves" purposefully misspelled), came with a letter of self-criticism.The anonymous woman who claimed to be Ma's colleague read Ma's acceptance speech: it said, "I am spurred on by (the award). I feel panic and have a sense of blame. At the same time, I cheer for the spirit behind it."Cheng Qingsong said, "We are not holding this award to bring shame on people. [We hope that] through this award, filmmakers and institutions can self-critique their creations."View more photos of Yang Mi in the gallery below.

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