Hannah Quinlivan's old photos spark plastic surgery rumours

12 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Jay Chou's new wife, the gorgeous Hannah Quinlivan, has come under fire lately for having suspected to have gone under the knife.

Netizens have uncovered old photos of the model, noticing that she looked vastly different, reports Buzzhand.

Besides losing weight that made her look different, Hannah also had noticeably smaller eyes. She was henced rumoured to have gotten double eyelid surgery.

The mixed blood beauty was also spotted having a flatter and broader nose, as compared to her sharp bridge now.

Netizens put photos side by side, saying that she was originally square-faced, but looks like she has a sharp chin now.

Reporters tried to question Jay Chou. They showed the star a picture of the old Hannah Quinlivan and asked, "Do you recognise who this is?"

Chou's accompanying party said they were "pointless" and Chou himself called him an "idiot" for wasting his time. 

Hannah's manager has denied that the model has ever gone for cosmetic surgery.

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