G.NA unveils her charms during fashion shoot

18 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Diva G.NA met up with bntnews for fashion pictorials and expressed her energy and unlimited talents.

A week ago, G.NA shot pictorials in several different concepts such as glamorous, sexy, funky, retro and feminine. G.NA commented that was a great chance for her to unveil her charms that were hidden behind her mannequin-like body line.

Followed by the first concept taken in natural, effortless chic concept, the newly revealed photographs were taken in office lady-like concept.

The diva put on retro lady-like look that she does not wear often on stage. In white blouse and knee-down black skirt, G.NA expressed a beautiful career woman. Along with those fashionable items, she put on elegant makeup with alluring red lips.

Meanwhile, all the clothes she put on in this concept were sponsored by women's fashion brand JESSI NEW YORK. The shoes she put on in both concepts are from TANDY and her jewelry is from MUCHA.

(photo by photographer Choi Seung Kwang)

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