G.Na stuns fans by showing her bruised knees

19 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Many people were surprised to saw bruises that were covering G.NA‘˜s knees due to all her practices for her “Oops‘ choreography.Allkpop reported that during one segment of the choreography, G.NA gets on her knees, and it seems this move in particular has taken quite a toll with the purple bruising all over her knees.She took to Twitter to write, “A photo I took at the ‘˜Oops’ music video set ♥ My knees’ condition are really not good.. Ke. My poor knees were bruised because of the choreography!ㅜㅜ But the music video came out pretty, so I’m happy!“.Even despite the bruising, her positive smile and her tweet show that she believes this is a small sacrifice to pay for her latest comeback. The singer has just wrapped up her comeback performances for the first week of her promotions, so check out the latest one below on ‘˜Inkigayo’, if you didn’t catch it before!

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