G.NA has grown used to the public's obsession over her D-cup chest

7 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The New PaperGo ahead and call K-pop star G.NA a sexy babe.When she first debuted in 2010, the bosomy Canadian-Korean singer used to mind the public’s constant obsession over her D-cup chest and 25-inch waist.Not anymore.In an interview with LOUD at Oasia Hotel last Saturday, the 25-year-old porcelain beauty, who was in town to hold her fan meet in conjunction with Courts Megastore Tampines’ weekend marathon sale, said with a grin: “Initially, the fixation on my sexiness kind of bothered me.“Now, I see it as a form of flattery... Personally, I feel that sex appeal is a very important trait in any girl.“Most women would love to be complimented and called ‘˜cute, sexy and beautiful’, wouldn’t they?‘It was a pity that despite her proclaimed mindset change, G.NA, whose real name is Gina Choi, did not come decked out in a get-up that flaunted her assets.Instead, she was all covered up in a simple white buttoned-up blouse and black skirt, exuding corporate vibes.Perhaps it was a reflection of the 1.68m model-esque entertainer’s desire to be recognised for her vocal and dancing talent.“Gradually and quietly, I’m beginning to show people there are more sides to me,‘ she said.“I’m sure that in time, they’ll start to pay more attention to my music.‘It is the ardent wish of her local die-hard supporters too, a few of whom hung out at the main lobby of Oasia Hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol.Mr Melvin Lim, 24, a first-year undergraduate, told LOUD: “Sometimes, it’s quite disheartening when you log on to K-pop forums and the only thing guys are talking about are her breasts and curvy figure.“They seem to forget that she sings really, really well.‘Lim’s friend, 16-year-old Secondary 4 student Linette Tan, agreed.“She is hands down, the best solo female artiste in Cube Entertainment (referring to G.NA’s record label),‘ gushed Linette.In September, G.NA released her first international album Oui, featuring fresh interpretations of her previous hit numbers Black & White, 2Hot and Green Light in English.OVERSEAS SPECIAL“Doing Oui gave me a chance to look back at the steps I’ve taken so far to reach where I am,‘ she said.“The album is also something special for my overseas fans... I know when I sing in Korean, there is inevitably a language barrier for them.‘Interesting fact for her fans: The English versions of her dance-pop tunes are actually the original versions.“Usually, I’ll pen my lyrics in English and we’d record a guide track before the South Korean lyricists come in to complete the song,‘ explained G.NA.Don’t expect her to plunge headfirst into songwriting though.“Whoa, that’s way into the future,‘ said the star with a laugh.“Right now, I’m just enjoying the process of working with music producers... I’ve had wonderful experiences working with people who are extremely supportive.“I feed off their positive energy.‘ As a teen growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, she fell in love with the R&B and hip-hop sounds of veteran powerhouse songbirds Lena Park and Yoon Mi-Rae.“Korean pop music wasn’t so widely accessible in Canada and I had to rent videos to watch their performances,‘ recalled G.NA.Park and Yoon’s ethnicity ‘“ the former is Korean-American and the latter is of mixed Korean and African-American heritage ‘“ also greatly inspired her.“They didn’t have perfect Korean pronunciation, but nevertheless, they were fantastic singers,‘ said G.NA.“Seeing how successful they were gave me a huge boost and reassured me that if I were to pursue a singing career in the future, language wasn’t going to be much of a problem.‘Today, G.NA is proud and happy to be part of Cube Entertainment’s family of performers ‘“ her labelmates include boy band Beast, sassy gal quintet 4Minute, seven-member girl group A Pink and rookie all-male outfit BtoB.“We’ve grown very close and we do monitor each other’s performances, shows, news and comebacks,‘ she said.“As I’m the oldest, they’re all like my little brothers and sisters.“Hopefully, we’d be able to do a Cube worldwide tour sometime soon!‘

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