Glamorous flight attendants who became models

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

The ten ladies who made the list of the top stewardesses are simply the best of the best at their work. Their beauty has also earned most of them acting roles, as well as a careers as models. These are the flight stewardesses who made the list:1) Xiang Jin: With her innocent looks and warm smile, she was voted the "Most Beautiful Flight Attendant on the Chinese Mainland" by netizens of Taiwan in 2010. In addition, she has also played the role of a stewardess on the popular TV series "Days with Flight Attendants," starring Chinese actress Yao Chen, and received enthusiastic feedback.2) Zhang Hanzhi: She is currently a stewardess, actress and model. Known as the "Most Beautiful Stewardess in China," she possesses a special characteristic that is both appealing and pure at the same time. Although she has done several commercials, she still views her job as a stewardess as her main career.3) Zheng Chen: Voted most beautiful stewardesses by a website in 2010, she is actually quite common-looking and has more of a girl-next-door vibe to her. 4) Sun Qing: She is the brand spokeswoman for Shenzhen Airlines. She resembles Michelle Monique Reis, a gorgeous Hong Kong actress. One of her passengers once sent her a silk scarf (as a gift) and gushed that her smile could help relieve the most dreadful fatigue.5) Zhao Lingzi: She is a stewardess with Southern Airlines. She is famous for her amazing appearance in Episodes 41 and 42 of "You Are the One," broadcast on Jiangsu Television on July 4 and 10, 2010.6) Huang Xinke: She is another stewardess who crossed over into singing and acting. She was a stewardess with Southern Airlines and became popular for being the rumored girlfriend of Leehom Wang, a famous singer in China. As a singer, her song "Mei Wo Zhi You Ta" has attracted more than 1 million listeners in only five days, setting a record. 7) Zheng Xiangjun: She looks like a China Doll, bearing a sweet and friendly appearance. Three years after she joined Eastern Airlines, she was designated to first class due to her gorgeous appearance and considerate service. What's more, she has boarded numerous important charter flights as well as appeared in Eastern Airlines commercials.8) Chang Yijiao: She was a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines and is now the first car model in eastern China. Thanks to her angelic facial features, she was chosen to star in the movie "If You Are the One 2," and participated in many TV shows. 9) Zhao Yalu: She is a flight attendant with Shandong Airline and became famous because she joined the football babe competition during the 2010 World Cup. 10) Li Yuanjin: She is a member of New Girls, the best and biggest beauty team in the online game advertisement. She is famous for starring in numerous online games promotions. In addition, she is a model with Photos 1 to 10 show these gorgeous flight attendants who became famous, with the first photo being that of Xiang Jin and the last, Li Yuanjin, while the rest of the gallery shows pictures of China's most beautiful yoga instructor.

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