Girls left screaming by what Andrew Garfield did at Commonwealth Sec

29 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago


By Yip Wai Yee,
The Straits Times,
Friday, March 28, 2014

The gender lines were clearly drawn among the students at Commonwealth Secondary School when Hollywood stars Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx visited the school on Friday morning.

Although the high energy was clearly felt among the entire student body, it was the girls who really went all out, screaming at the top of their lungs at the sight of their idols.

Some boys were even spotted with their fingers plugged in their ears, as the female classmates seated beside them in the school auditorium went into a frenzy. The boys, too, might have gone nuts if the actors' pretty co-star, 25-year-old actress Emma Stone, had been a part of the guest list.

Garfield, 30, and Foxx, 46, visited the school to promote Earth Hour, the global environmental campaign that gets individuals and organisations around the world to do their part for the environment.

The two actors, who are stars of upcoming superhero blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2, are celebrity ambassadors for Earth Hour.

The two walked through the auditorium packed with students, and looked to be in a cheery mood, despite arriving in town only a day earlier and had attended activities until close to midnight to promote Spider-Man 2. The movie opens here on May 1.

Foxx, ever the playful one, took the opportunity to get everyone chanting "Spider-Man, Spider-Man" as loud as they could to top the fervour they had already seen with fans in China and Australia.

During a segment where the two stars were asked to each gift a stuffed panda toy to a student in the crowd, Foxx also grabbed the toy and rubbed it all over his face and neck, causing the girls watching from below the stage to scream in delight.

But Garfield was not one to lose out. He took his toy, lifted up his shirt, and rubbed his all over his abs. When he finally handed the toy to an elated secondary two girl, he also gamely gave her a big hug, causing many other female students to cry out in excitement.

Many of the boys in the audience however, remained rather calm - even students Darryl Ang and Nicolas Ian Blackburn, both 16, who had the most interaction with the two actors.

The pair of students, who are members of the school's Green Club, got to plant trees in their school courtyard along with Foxx and Garfield, after the fun and games in the auditorium.

When Life! spoke to the two students, they were both level-headed and collected. Darryl said simply that the entire experience for him was "honourable, especially since it's my first time to meet an interational star".

Nicolas added: "Both Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx told us to continue on with our environmental efforts, and to convey the environmental conservation message to as many people as possible."

Says Ms Elaine Tan, CEO of the Singapore office of conservation organisation World Wide Fund for Nature, which organises Earth Hour: "Commonwealth Secondary School was one of the five secondary schools which helped pioneer the Eco-Schools Programme with WWF Singapore one year ago.

"When all five schools were invited to host Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx, the quick response from Commonwealth Secondary School reflected the school's enthusiasm to showcase its commitment to environmental education and dedication to motivate its students to embrace core values for sustainability, including turning their air-cons up by one degree and using fewer plastic bags."

Two female students from the school's New Media Club also got two minutes with the stars, when they were allowed in the media room to ask the stars one question between them.

Secondary Four student Isrin Farhana, 16, asked Garfield how he planned to inspire others about environmental efforts as an Earth Hour ambassador. He replied that his advice to the public is that there is only one earth, and that it is "our home, with no religious and cultural divide, screaming at us to take care of it".

Seated beside Isrin was a self-professed "jealous" Nur Nabilah Isaman, 15, who added: "We were originally allowed to ask one question each, but because there was not enough time, only Isrin got to ask her question. But I was still very excited to see Andrew and Jamie. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking."

On Saturday, Garfield and Foxx, along with Stone, will be at the Float@Marina Bay to help switch off the lights across the Marina Bay skyline to mark Earth Hour celebrations.

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