Girls' Generation's Taeyeon unhappy that group member looked better than her

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Girls' Generation members recently appeared on 'Healing Camp', and were questioned by the MCs to find out which of them fought with each other.

Hyoyeon meekly admitted this, "It wasn't anything that serious; there was no quarreling or physical attacks."

The MCs then asked who she fought with, and the other members revealed it was Taeyeon, reports All Kpop

Taeyeon said, "During the first broadcast of 'Gee' five years ago, to be safe, we did the prerecording two times. During the first recording, my in-ear [microphone] fell out so it didn't look pretty, but Hyoyeon's face turned out so pretty!"

Hyoyeon said, "Because it was the first broadcast, we did not look at the picture as a whole, but our personal image. I didn't like her at the moment. She could've pretended not to care, but I was a bit upset on the inside. Since I'm short-tempered, I'm the type that yells and although I later finish up nicely, at that moment, I was on fire."

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