Girls' Generation Tiffany's lookalike shocks fans

4 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Recently, a photo of a girl in her 20's who resembles Girls' Generation Tiffany surfaced online and shocked fans with her striking similarity to the idol.An online community board uploaded the picture with the caption, 'Tiffany's Doppelgänger', reports K Pop Starz.

In the picture, the girl who looks to be in her 20's is smiling towards the camera.

Her vibrant smile was the exact smile Tiffany has.Internet users commented, "They really look the same", "I thought that was Tiffany's old picture", "That girl must be popular in school" and "This is better than Yoona's doppelgänger."

Previously, a picture of Yoona's lookalike, a Malaysian girl, was revealed online and gained much attention as well.

View the gallery for pictures of Girls' Generation Tiffany's lookalike, as well as the Malaysian girl who resembles YoonA, and other related photos.

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