Girls' Generation Seohyun reveals her biggest insecurity about her body

26 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Girls’ Generation Seohyun recently revealed her secrets on how she maintains her beautiful body, and also revealed her insecurities.On February 25 she appeared on Mnet’s “Wide Celebrity News", where Seohyun was interviewed with Sooyoung. Both celebrities spoke about the parts of their body that they were insecure of and also secrets on maintaining their perfect figure, reports Soompi. Sooyoung talked about her insecurity: “I have thick hair. I am envious of people who have thinner hair.‘ Seohyun also stated, “I also have thick hair. My hair is heavy when I am trying to dry it. However, I doubt that I will have to worry about losing hair when I am older.‘Sooyoung then stated, “Although I do like dark skin at times, I am envious of bright and light skin.‘ On the other hand Seohyun stated, “I like darker skin. I don’t think darker skin would fit me.‘Seohyun then revealed how she maintains her figure, “If you do cardio exercise for one hour every morning on an empty stomach, you will feel your body change.‘

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