Girls' Generation Hyoyeon reveals that she drinks expired milk on purpose

23 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

In JTBC "Shinhwa TV" aired yesterday, Girls' Generation (SNSD) came out as guests and Hyoyeon revealed that she drank expired milk when she desperately wants a break from her hectic schedule.On this day, according to an article in K Pop Starz, Hyoyeon asked, "When you desperately want a break on a day you don't want to attend your schedules, how do you escape?"Lee Min Woo said, "I've eaten expired food before. I got a stomachache and got a break that day." Other Shinhwa members then said, "You did that by yourself? Why are you telling us now?"At this, Hyoyeon said, "I've drank milk that was 4 days expired." At this, Shinhwa said, "Didn't you end up getting diarrhea but not a stomachache?," and Hyoyeon replied, "I'm just saying I've drank it before. Please ask no more," arousing laughter.

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