Girl's Day Yura gets makeover for comeback album 'Expectation'

13 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Girl’s Day’s new album, Expectation, drops in less than two days, so the group’s image is undergoing a 180-degree transformation to ensure that their K-pop comeback makes a much needed splash on the charts.Teasers for their “Expectation‘ music video show that the group’s traded in their sugary sweetness for a bold and sexy new style, and leading the new-look Girl’s Day is 20-year-old Yura, reported PopDust.For the first time in Girl’s Day career, Yura is the member getting the most spotlight. She features prominently in “Expectation‘‘˜s two teaser videos, and earlier today she released two sizzling promo pics that showcase a completely different look than the one fans are used to. In the first photo, she’s rocking a blonde wig, red lipstick, and a cleavage-baring halterneck, and in the second, she’s laying on a bed in a short white dress (again, with cleavage on display) next to a red rose.Up until this point, Yura’s only ever played the role of the cute, fresh-faced girl next door, and has never had the opportunity to do anything more sensual or womanly. She’s also had to take a backseat to the group’s more popular members, Minah and Hyeri, despite the fact that she’s clearly the group’s most attractive member. If you look at Girl’s Day’s past concepts, it’s almost as if Dream Tea Entertainment purposely downplayed her obvious hotness in order to promote aegyo expert, Minah, as the star member. Or maybe the label’s just been keeping Yura’s sex appeal under wraps so they could bust it out in a blaze of glory once Girl’s Day made the inevitable leap from saccharin to saucy ‘” which they’ve clearly done with “Expectation.‘If Dream Tea keeps promoting Yura like this, she could become the next Hyosung!View more photos of Yura and Girl's Day in the gallery below.

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