Girlfight? You won't believe what Crayon pop girl did to Girls Generation's Sunny

27 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

A video showing Crayon Pop's Way seemingly shoving Girls Generation's Sunny roughly to make room for her has been the subject of much speculation online.

The video sparked an uproar among fans demanding that she apologize.

The alleged incident had been caught on camera while both groups were on a packed stage.

However, Chrome Entertainment denied that Way had ever done anything to provoke Sunny.

"Way did not push Sunny's back," they said. "If you look closely at the video instead of gifs or photos, you can find out what happened. At the same time that Tiffany pulled Sunny to her, Ellin pulled Way's arm in her direction. It looks like Way pushed Sunny as they happened at the same time, but she did not push her."

Some have pointed out however that Sunny did not appear upset at having been allegedly shoved, gamely posing for the camera moments after the incident apparently occurs.

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