Girl tries to make man cheat on his GF -- but ends up embarrassing herself

21 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

A lonely woman decided to text a man who has a girlfriend.

Initially, the conversation was friendly and the man revealed that he wanted to keep their new relationship strictly platonic.

However, the woman kept dropping hints and flirting with the man via text

Sensing that she did not understand that he did'nt want to cheat on his beloved girlfriend, the man once again reminds the woman about what they discussed earlier.

Unfortunately, the woman wasn't able to handle the rejection and literally has a meltdown via text.

She even threatens to commit suicide.

The man seems undaunted by what had happened and continues to maintain his stance on not wanting to cheat on his girlfriend.

It is unclear as to where or when this occurred but it shows that you must be careful when making friends.

Read the insane texts she sent in the gallery below. Texts via AcidCow.

Let us know how'd you react if someone you knew texted you like this girl.

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