Girl loses 55kg and looks gorgeous...but now has another huge problem

19 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Elora Harré was 19 when she was obese and tackling health issues, but hard work allowed her to persevere and at 21, she has lost 55kg and is looking fabulous.

However, she has one insecurity -- all that excess skin.

She wrote on her Facebook

"Now to address the burning question.. Yes this is what my excess skin looks like.

"Now you know why I want to get rid of it - it's not for insecurity but because I'm 21 and want to have the body I have worked SO damn hard for.

"The way my excess weight was carried means that my extra skin, almost everything you can see on my stomach (and you can't even see the apron I have to tuck into my underwear) is loose skin.

" My upper inner thighs sag with skin so much so that my knees are effected... I even have loose skin under my arms!

"But none of that matters because this picture not only amazes me, but it delivers hope to those of you who are struggling, afraid and defeated. You got this."

Her sister set up a page asking for donations to get rid of Elora's excess skin, explaining:

"At the beginning of 2013, Elora began her journey to better health. 19 and morbidly obese, she feared she was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms and on track to an early death.

"She started out experimenting with a few different nutritional approaches, before finding her calling in Paleo & Crossfit.

"A few months later, her weight loss was going so well that she decided to start a Facebook page and online blog to share her journey and ultimately to help and inspire those on the same journey as her.

"Fast forward to February 2015 and Elora is a massive 55kg down and has 20,000+ followers and supporters on Facebook, and its growing by the day! Elora also runs two Facebook weight loss support groups, speaks in seminars around NZ, and mentors women daily on their weight loss journeys. All this whilst working full time, and running a small Paleo Sauce business!

"Elora dedicates all of her spare time to helping and inspiring others, when she's not working she's planning or putting something together to share with The Shrinking Violet community, answering questions in the support groups and providing constant encouragement and support. Nothing goes unnoticed.

"If I was to describe Elora in three words, I would say selfless, brave and humble."

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