Girl band members deliberately eat spoiled food to get days off

21 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Girls Generation made an appearance on the variety program "Shinwa Broadcast" where group member Hyoyeon made a shocking confession, according to a article.During the program, Girls' Generation asked Shinwa, the host of the show, many questions. Hyoyeon asked the group if they ever had difficulty completing their schedule and just wanted to rest."I purposely ate spoiled food because my schedule was really difficult. I had an upset stomach and got to rest that day," Shinwa's Lee Min Woo confessed."Me too! I've drank milk that had expired 4 days earlier," Hyoyeon responded, revealing the extremes idols go to in order to have a day off.Netizens were shocked to learn about what idols have to go through in order to get time off. "This is just crazy! I feel so bad for them!," one netizen stated.

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